Another successful rescue!

As you probably know, Safe Haven has no paid staff. Our shelter and store are worked by dedicated unpaid volunteers who are devoted to the animals we save.

We’re thankful to each and every one of them. Their hard work helps frightened, homeless kitties feel loved and get healthy!

calico-cropA special shoutout to our rescue/ trapping team. Despite working day jobs, they’re out at night climbing barn rafters and crawling under outbuildings, catching at-risk kitties in York County.

Many times they are out until morning, then clean up and go to work, then back to the shelter and out to trap and rescue again.

The team’s most recent victory: they finally caught a kitten (photo) they’ve been trying to reunite with her littermates. Success!

Want to help? Become a foster volunteer! Open your home to a homeless kitty until they’re adopted. Our shelter is filled to capacity. To save more lives, we need more foster homes.

There is a tremendous need for good homes. Please consider joining our hard-working No-Kill organization.

If you appreciate our No-Kill work, please consider making a small donation.

Thank you for supporting Safe Haven's No Kill rescue work

The kitties thank you!

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