Facebook for our Thrift Shop

How many Facebooks does one little rescue group need? Two, apparently.

FB-shopSure, we’ve long had Facebook for Safe Haven itself. It’s brimming with photos and success stories of rescues, adoptions and lots of love and silliness.

But we’re nothing if not over-achievers.

So now we’ve also got a separate Facebook for our Thrift Shop on Rt. 1 in Wells, next to the IGA Supermarket.

I suspect Joyce and Stef and the others are doing this just to make folks “from away” jealous that they can’t take advantage of the cool stuff and insanely low prices in the shop. But guess what — you CAN!

Just come to Maine! It IS Vacationland, you know. And it’s summer, the time for vacations. And you really NEED a vacation, don’t you? Well, don’t you?? Of course you do. One with salty sea breezes, and lobster rolls, and thrift shop bargains swaying in the sun.

So what are you waiting for?

Until you get here, visit our Facebook Thrift Shop page and see what you’re missing!

If you appreciate our No-Kill work, please consider making a small donation.

Thank you for supporting Safe Haven's No Kill rescue work

The kitties thank you!

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