Bonnie needs medical treatment. Will you help?

Everyone who visits our Adoption Center knows Bonnie. She’s the sweet, “kitten faced” calico who greets everyone with a happy purr and affectionate head nudges. Despite her tragic past, Bonnie still has a joyful spirit. We rescued her years ago from a sad situation, she was adopted twice to lovely people, but due to their life changes she was returned. Now at age 14, she still acts like a happy kitten.

Bonnie has thyroid issues which have been an obstacle to her adoption several times. She requires twice-daily medication and blood tests several times a year to ensure her dose is correct. This hinders people from considering adopting her.

Hekp us afford Bonnie's $1400 thyroid treatment

Please help us afford Bonnie’s $1400 thyroid treatment

We believe nothing should prevent Bonnie from enjoying a happy future, so Bonnie will be getting radioiodine therapy, which we have successfully provided for other Safe Haven kitties in the past.

Ninety-eight percent of all kitties who receive this therapy are permanently cured of feline hyperthyroidism. It’s expensive, but it’s actually cost-effective over the lifetime of a kitty. It not only eliminates daily medication, but best of all it consistently eliminates thyroid tumors forever.

This should open the doors for Bonnie to be adopted!

The only drawback is the expense — about $1,400 — which is tough for Safe Haven to afford. So we’re asking you and every animal lover to help us pay for this life-changing treatment.

Please send a check made out to Safe Haven Humane Society, PO Box 91, Wells, ME 04090 and put a note on the check that it’s for Bonnie. Or donate right here. No amount is too small!

Any help you can give will be a blessing for this adorable, deserving calico. Thank you all!

Consider sponsoring a kitty for only $10 a month or $120 a year.

If you appreciate our No-Kill work, please consider making a small donation.

Thank you for supporting Safe Haven's No Kill rescue work

The kitties thank you!

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