Dusty and Brody Want to Meet You

Two sets of kitties are available for adoption. Jenny and Mickey, and Dusty and Brody. All four were born to the same mom, a formerly feral kitty who has now been adopted. They’re two years old and ready for a home of their own. Maybe yours?

Jenny and Mickey are lovely grey shorthairs with a silver tint to their coats. Mickey is a bit more timid but loves playtime and will eat treat from your hand. Jenny is the more social of the two and loves to be brushed and fussed over.

These two would be great together in a quiet house with someone who will encourage them to feel comfortable and confident. Games, toys and brushing are wonderful ways to encourage shy kitties to interact with you.

Dusty and Brody

Dusty and Brody

Dusty and Brody were adopted once but returned due to asthma in the family. Despite this setback, these two youngsters bounced back and are enjoying center life. Both are beautiful.

Dusty is a gorgeous grey shorthair. Brody is a very large longhair with a silky jet black coat. They’re big boys, about 16 pounds each. They’re closely bonded and need a home where they can run and play together forever.

They love children and are great with kids older than eight, as long as they don’t scream and shout because loud noises scare them.

Both like to be held and handled, and their favorite time is play time. Dusty’s favorite toy is a crumpled piece of paper. He can entertain himself for hours.

Brody is a bit of a magician. He’ll magically disappear if something scares him. He knows how to open closet doors, tunnel under blankets, hide under boxes — usually with his big telltale tail hanging out. He loves to be brushed, a great way to bond with him.

Both pairs are available in our Together for Life program. We’ll waive one adoption fee, so you pay for only one kitty but get two! This is how we try to keep bonded pairs to together forever.

Interested? Please call 229-8314 for more information. And consider making a donation so we can afford to continue our Together for Life program. Thanks!

If you appreciate our No-Kill work, please consider making a small donation.

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The kitties thank you!

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