A 3-course meal for $14? That’s a mistake, right?

Nope, no mistake. Our friends at Roberts Maine Grill in Kittery have once again included Safe Haven in their annual Community Suppers.

On Tuesday evening, April 14, and Tuesday, April 21, from 4-8:30 pm, you can enjoy a delightful meal of Maine “comfort food” for just $14 — and a portion of the proceeds will benefit Safe Haven!

In the past, these 3-course community suppers have included delights like Caesar salad, haddock stew, and a dessert of chocolate pecan pie — for not much more than the cost of a drive-through meal!

Please mark your calendar for April 14 or 21 — or both! And join us at Roberts Maine Grill, 326 Rt. 1, Kittery, for a great meal that benefits your favorite No-Kill rescue group. Thanks!

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Meet our “Scaredy Cat School” grads!

santa-at-IGASanta was one of many folks who visited Safe Haven’s Open House at our new Thrift Shop, next to the IGA in Wells.

Joyce McKay, president, introduced visitors to some of the “formerly feral” kitties who are now ready for adoption.


Safe Haven now has a “Scaredy Cat School” for kitties who are feral and need special care to prepare them for adoption. This training takes place at our IGA Thrift Store, under the supervision of their steadfast and most determined teacher, Joyce McKay. This person being myself, I can attest to the joys and rewards of being their teacher!

The ferals arrive from the woods and fields in a rather catatonic, horrified state. They do not blink. They stare. They do not purr, they hiss. They swipe their claws to warn you they’ll defend themselves if attacked. They’re much too fearful to play.

Some humans are scaredy cats themselves, and think these kitties will never let themselves be petted. But never say never! Every kitty deserves a chance and miracles happen at Scaredy Cat School all the time! We’ve never had a dropout!

All it takes is lots and lots of love. And patience. And lots of cat treats! Each kitty gets a progress chart and levels of socializing are worked on and checked off. They’re never pushed or challenged. Gentle handling, great respect, quiet training sessions repeated at least six times day and night, and exposure from a distance to everyday life eventually teaches them that people don’t have to be feared. They learn that people are their food source, their comfort and their friends.

Their progress is our joy. Their first blink, their first play session, their first purr, are momentous and give hope for their futures. Our goal is to help them become socialized enough that they can be adopted into someone’s home — a special person’s. We only adopt ferals to cat-savvy folks who “get” ferals and shy kitties, and understand they need to help them continue moving forward.

Those who adopt graduates from our Scaredy Cat School enter an elite club, which will gather for an annual celebration to share their stories about our graduates and will be linked together to share journey stories and help promote more feral kitty adoptions.

Our current class at Scaredy Cat School is ready for graduation and adoption. The “Feral Five” have worked hard at their classes. They now purr, respond to being patted, and play. They’re relaxed, confident and happy.

Chilly Willy is already spoken for. He’s the most feral of all, and made a big impression on a local teacher who wants to help him complete his journey. We’re now accepting applications for Hootie, Itty Bitty, Boo Boo, Charlie and Sweet Caroline. They’re bonded and need to be adopted in pairs so they continue to have the comfort and familiarity they need.

Come and meet them, learn more about ferals and how you can adopt a Scaredy Cat Graduate! FMI: 229-8314.

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Come to our Open House this Saturday

Please join us at our Holiday Open House this Saturday (Dec. 20) from 12-4 pm at the Safe Haven Thrift Shop, next to the IGA Supermarket on Rt. 1, Wells. Enjoy light refreshments, pet the kitties, and Christmas shop to support our No-Kill cause!

The shop itself is open 9-6pm every Saturday in December, 11-4 pm Sundays and weekday afternoons by chance.  Donations of Christmas decorations, warm winter clothing, quilts, comforters,  blankets, sheets, and “gift-able” items are especially welcome. FMI 229-8314.

See you there!


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Join our volunteer construction team!

construction team cropped

Got a little free time? Volunteer your skills — professional or amateur — and help our team rebuild and renovate our newly purchased Adoption Center at 1420 Post Rd. (Rt 1) in Wells, next to the Wells Library.

Jimi, Gary, Rex and Janet (L to R, above) are hard at work every Saturday, and Rex is often on-site during the week, too.

Call Rex at 252-4380 to join the fun! (OK, maybe not fun. But it’s very satisfying!)

Can’t spare the time? How about a monthly donation instead? Maybe 10 or $20 (or $100 or $1000!). Click here to make a one-time or monthly donation.

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Neither cold nor snow…

Neither cold nor ice prevent Safe Haven volunteers Gary Everbeck (left) and Rex Lambert, chairman of the group's Capital Committee, from working on rebuilding the group's newly purchased Adoption Center. The purchase and extensive renovations will cost the no-kill rescue group nearly $350,000. Donations can be mailed to Safe Haven Capital Committee, PO Box 1842, Wells ME 04090 or contribute online at SafeHavenHumaneSociety.org.

Neither cold nor ice prevent Safe Haven volunteers Gary Everbeck (left) and Rex Lambert, chairman of the group’s Capital Committee, from working on rebuilding the group’s newly purchased Adoption Center. Gary, owner of All Kinds of Signs, also creates and donates all our signs.

The purchase and extensive renovations of our new Adoption Center are costing us nearly $350,000. As you know, we receive no assistance from any government or town. Every penny has to come from you, our animal-loving supporters.

We’ve already raised $50,000, but we’re spending it as quickly as it comes in. Not on labor, though. They’re all volunteers! But Rex and his merry band of elves have had to virtually gut the old interior, tear down an old wing and rebuild it with a new foundation, etc. A new heating system is in the works, interior drywall and windows — you get the idea.

Additional donations are desperately needed NOW. Please mail a check to Safe Haven Capital Committee, PO Box 1842, Wells ME 04090. Better yet, contribute online by clicking this button. Check the “Monthly Contribution” box to arrange easy, ongoing donations.

Want to volunteer to help build? Amateurs and pros are all welcome! Please call Rex at 252-4380.

The kitties meow, “Thanks!”


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Welcome to our (Future) Home!

Thanks to the generosity of two longtime supporters, Safe Haven has a new home at 1420 Post Rd., right next to the Wells Library.


Rex and Judy Lambert of Bell Farm Antiques and Backyard Birds and Frills in York, have ensured Safe Haven’s No-Kill mission will continue, by purchasing this vacant daycare facility. Now they’re turning it into the future home of Safe Haven’s Adoption Center.

Check out the progress of the renovation at our Facebook page.

Now we’re asking all the rest of our supporters to step up and help us pay back their incredible generosity.

One-time or Monthly Donations

Please mail us a check made out to Safe Haven Capital Fund, PO Box 1842, Wells ME 04090. (Yes, that’s a separate PO box.) That would be terrific.

Of course, not everyone can write out a check for $1000 or $5000, as much as they might like to. But how about $5? Or $10. Can you spare $25 a month? That’s less than a few drive-through breakfasts or tall frappucinos. Won’t you give up a few Egg McMuffins to buy a new home for homeless kitties?

A monthly contribution, drawn directly from your credit/debit card, PayPal or checking account, is a painless way to support Safe Haven’s mission. Whatever amount works best with your budget will help. It takes only a few seconds to set one up.

Just click the button, and be sure to check the “Monthly Contribution” box. Thanks!

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Weekend Fundraiser at Bamboo Garden, York

This weekend, Nov. 1-2, York’s newest Chinese restaurant is holding a big fundraiser for Safe Haven — and they’re generously donating 100% of the proceeds to our No-Kill cause!

This is a great opportunity to check out a new dining spot, and support Safe Haven at the same time.


But you MUST present this voucher when ordering. Click it to download copies for yourself, and your friends. Thanks for supporting Safe Haven!

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