We did it!

Happy New Year!

Thanks to YOUR ongoing support and generosity, we were able to accomplish a tremendous milestone: we now OWN — free and clear — our adoption center and shelter!

No more mortgage!

See the details on our Facebook page.

Thank you so much!

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Thrift Shop Hours have changed

We’re now open 11am – 5pm WED-SUN, except Thurs 12-5pm. Closed Mon- Tues.

Thank you!

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Facebook for our Thrift Shop

How many Facebooks does one little rescue group need? Two, apparently.

FB-shopSure, we’ve long had Facebook for Safe Haven itself. It’s brimming with photos and success stories of rescues, adoptions and lots of love and silliness.

But we’re nothing if not over-achievers.

So now we’ve also got a separate Facebook for our Thrift Shop on Rt. 1 in Wells, next to the IGA Supermarket.

I suspect Joyce and Stef and the others are doing this just to make folks “from away” jealous that they can’t take advantage of the cool stuff and insanely low prices in the shop. But guess what — you CAN!

Just come to Maine! It IS Vacationland, you know. And it’s summer, the time for vacations. And you really NEED a vacation, don’t you? Well, don’t you?? Of course you do. One with salty sea breezes, and lobster rolls, and thrift shop bargains swaying in the sun.

So what are you waiting for?

Until you get here, visit our Facebook Thrift Shop page and see what you’re missing!

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Great news for Bonnie


Bonnie’s fundraiser continues as Safe Haven works on raising $1,400 needed for her radioiodine therapy. This treatment will help this darling 14 year-old hyperthyroid kitty live a more normal and manageable life. No more twice-daily meds, and her thyroid will function normally again.

More wonderful things for little Bonnie. A lovely couple, Mike and Ann, always adopt an older kitty from Safe Haven. They’ve chosen Bonnie to be their newest family member.

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, and a special shoutout to the Moody Meadows RV Park residents. They raised $160 for Bonnie and donated many much-needed supplies! Thanks for your generous gift!

Please consider sending a donation, no matter the size, for Bonnie’s therapy. We’ll keep you all posted on her progress!

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Another successful rescue!

As you probably know, Safe Haven has no paid staff. Our shelter and store are worked by dedicated unpaid volunteers who are devoted to the animals we save.

We’re thankful to each and every one of them. Their hard work helps frightened, homeless kitties feel loved and get healthy!

calico-cropA special shoutout to our rescue/ trapping team. Despite working day jobs, they’re out at night climbing barn rafters and crawling under outbuildings, catching at-risk kitties in York County.

Many times they are out until morning, then clean up and go to work, then back to the shelter and out to trap and rescue again.

The team’s most recent victory: they finally caught a kitten (photo) they’ve been trying to reunite with her littermates. Success!

Want to help? Become a foster volunteer! Open your home to a homeless kitty until they’re adopted. Our shelter is filled to capacity. To save more lives, we need more foster homes.

There is a tremendous need for good homes. Please consider joining our hard-working No-Kill organization.

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Bonnie needs medical treatment. Will you help?

Everyone who visits our Adoption Center knows Bonnie. She’s the sweet, “kitten faced” calico who greets everyone with a happy purr and affectionate head nudges. Despite her tragic past, Bonnie still has a joyful spirit. We rescued her years ago from a sad situation, she was adopted twice to lovely people, but due to their life changes she was returned. Now at age 14, she still acts like a happy kitten.

Bonnie has thyroid issues which have been an obstacle to her adoption several times. She requires twice-daily medication and blood tests several times a year to ensure her dose is correct. This hinders people from considering adopting her.

Hekp us afford Bonnie's $1400 thyroid treatment

Please help us afford Bonnie’s $1400 thyroid treatment

We believe nothing should prevent Bonnie from enjoying a happy future, so Bonnie will be getting radioiodine therapy, which we have successfully provided for other Safe Haven kitties in the past.

Ninety-eight percent of all kitties who receive this therapy are permanently cured of feline hyperthyroidism. It’s expensive, but it’s actually cost-effective over the lifetime of a kitty. It not only eliminates daily medication, but best of all it consistently eliminates thyroid tumors forever.

This should open the doors for Bonnie to be adopted!

The only drawback is the expense — about $1,400 — which is tough for Safe Haven to afford. So we’re asking you and every animal lover to help us pay for this life-changing treatment.

Please send a check made out to Safe Haven Humane Society, PO Box 91, Wells, ME 04090 and put a note on the check that it’s for Bonnie. Or donate right here. No amount is too small!

Any help you can give will be a blessing for this adorable, deserving calico. Thank you all!

Consider sponsoring a kitty for only $10 a month or $120 a year.

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Dusty and Brody Want to Meet You

Two sets of kitties are available for adoption. Jenny and Mickey, and Dusty and Brody. All four were born to the same mom, a formerly feral kitty who has now been adopted. They’re two years old and ready for a home of their own. Maybe yours?

Jenny and Mickey are lovely grey shorthairs with a silver tint to their coats. Mickey is a bit more timid but loves playtime and will eat treat from your hand. Jenny is the more social of the two and loves to be brushed and fussed over.

These two would be great together in a quiet house with someone who will encourage them to feel comfortable and confident. Games, toys and brushing are wonderful ways to encourage shy kitties to interact with you.

Dusty and Brody

Dusty and Brody

Dusty and Brody were adopted once but returned due to asthma in the family. Despite this setback, these two youngsters bounced back and are enjoying center life. Both are beautiful.

Dusty is a gorgeous grey shorthair. Brody is a very large longhair with a silky jet black coat. They’re big boys, about 16 pounds each. They’re closely bonded and need a home where they can run and play together forever.

They love children and are great with kids older than eight, as long as they don’t scream and shout because loud noises scare them.

Both like to be held and handled, and their favorite time is play time. Dusty’s favorite toy is a crumpled piece of paper. He can entertain himself for hours.

Brody is a bit of a magician. He’ll magically disappear if something scares him. He knows how to open closet doors, tunnel under blankets, hide under boxes — usually with his big telltale tail hanging out. He loves to be brushed, a great way to bond with him.

Both pairs are available in our Together for Life program. We’ll waive one adoption fee, so you pay for only one kitty but get two! This is how we try to keep bonded pairs to together forever.

Interested? Please call 229-8314 for more information. And consider making a donation so we can afford to continue our Together for Life program. Thanks!

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