Tag Sales every weekend in July & August

Due to overwhelming positive response from both shoppers and donors, Safe Haven is expanding our summer tag sale schedule.

Our Tag Sale location next to the Wells IGA will be open EVERY SAT-SUN in July and August. Hours: Sat: 8-6pm, Sun: 9-4pm.

We’re also open weekday afternoons and evenings when we’re working, tagging, etc. But there’s no firm schedule, so if you’re heading to the IGA, Dairy Queen or laundromat anyway, drop in and browse.

Please keep shopping, and keep those donations coming! Your support keeps our No-Kill organization going! Thanks to your support, our vet bills (which average $50,000-75,000 a year) are paid up to date! Thank you!

Every penny you spend at our sales goes toward vet bills and our Capitol Building Fund, so we can purchase our own building for our adoption center and thrift shop.

Got donations? Please don’t leave them at our tag sale location. Drop them off at our Adoption Center, 1616 Post Rd (just a few doors south). (Please, no junk. We have to pay to haul it away.)

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Yard Sale in York July 12-13

Attention York residents and visitors: A big Yard Sale is being held this weekend (July 12-13) from 8-2pm at Bell Farm Antiques and Backyard Birds & Garden Frills, 244 US Route 1, York, to benefit Safe Haven’s Capital Building Fund: Also, the owners are generously donating 20% of their shop’s sales that weekend to our capital campaign!

York Yard Sale this weekend

Of course, our big indoor Tag Sales continue every Saturday & Sunday during July, next to IGA Super Food Market, Rt. 1 in Wells. Both locals and tourists find our big retail location a great place to scout out useful and unique items at bargain prices. Proceeds benefit our No-Kill rescue. Shop this weekend, Sat 8-6 and Sunday 9-4.

We also welcome your donations to keep our inventory full of new things to sell. We’re especially in need of wooden cupboards, book cases, shelving and tables to help display our inventory.

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Another Monster Yard Sale May 31-June 1

godzillaIt’s back — like another Godzilla movie! But a lot less scary.

It’s Safe Haven’s next yard sale. Thanks to the generosity and support of the owners of the storefront we used last weekend (next to the Wells IGA), we are staying in the same place this coming weekend – May 31 and June 1.

Good thing, too. We still haven’t emptied the four huge storage unit of donations — that’s right, FOUR storage units of donations.

So shake the change from your old fruit jar and join us this weekend for bargains, bargains and more bargains!

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Is this weekend’s sale too nice to be called a “yard sale?”

This weekend’s (May 24-25) big fundraiser features so many rich and valuable donations, some people think it’s not quite accurate to call it a yard sale. “Look at these gorgeous items. And the display! This is more like a fancy gift shop than a yard sale,” they complain.

Whatever you call it, one thing’s for sure. YOU won’t be complaining when you see the vast display filling the storefront next to the Wells IGA Food Market on Rt. 1 in Wells. Great stuff, great prices!

Take a look at just some of the FOUR storage units of household and decorative items, books and miscellaneous bargains you can scoop up, many for just pennies on the dollar. (Click to see a larger version.)

Home furnishings, candlesticks, etc

Home furnishings, candlesticks, etc

Clothing, framed items

Clothing, framed items

Like books? We've got tons -- popular paperbacks and gorgeous leather bound editions

Like books? We’ve got tons — popular paperbacks and gorgeous leather bound editions


Funky old furniture — great finds!


It's a huge sale -- and this only a little of it!

It’s a huge sale — and this only a little of it!

So come early for the best selection! Safe Haven’s big Spring Yard Sale, this Sat-Sun (May 24-25), next to the IGA in Wells Corner (next to Cumberland Farms at Rt. 109). Hours: Sat 8-3, Sunday 9-2pm.

And as always, every penny goes to support our No-Kill cause, buying cat food, paying for vet care, etc. Thanks for your support!

See more: Garage Sales

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New INDOOR location for Spring Yard Sale May 24-25

Our Yard Sale will be right next door!

Our Yard Sale will be right next door!

Yeah, the unpredictable spring weather forced us to postpone our Super-Huge Spring Yard Sale to next weekend (May 24-25), but the delay yielded an unexpected bonus:

A spacious indoor location! The empty storefront next to the Wells IGA Super Market, Rt. 1, Wells at Rt. 109. No more weather worries! Yay!

How big will this yard sale be? Safe Haven volunteers are filling the place with the contents of FOUR ginormous storage units! Yes, an entire winter’s worth of donations, all laid out for you to pick, illage and plunder.

PS: Want to help? Please volunteer to help us haul, set up and break down. Call 229-8314. Got a truck or van? Even better!

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Abandoned, declawed and terrified

They had to move out. The family took what they wanted. But they left behind their cat. They managed to pack up the TV, stereo, appliances and clothing, but closed the door on their cat. She didn’t fit into their plans.

Neighbors were told to help themselves to the remains of the apartment. Bags of discards were left behind. Someone wanted the mattress and when they lifted the bed, there she was: a little calico, huddled in a dark corner, looking up fearfully.

ButtercupThe people took pity and brought her into their care, but having problems of their own, they soon found themselves needing to surrender their own cats, as well as the neighbor’s calico.

When Safe Haven volunteers arrived at their home, we were warned the cat was mean. She’d been nasty to them and their other cats, and tried to hide from everyone. When they found her hiding in a corner, they lifted her up by the scruff of her neck and let her dangle helplessly. We ran to take her away from them and held her properly. We brought her and the many other cats from that home back to their Safe Haven.

She wasn’t mean, just afraid, probably because she’s declawed. This lovely, misunderstood, neglected cat had seen so little kindness and deserved so much love. A lovely female white/calico about five years old, she seeks affection and is now one of our office cats.

Buttercup is absolutely precious and has totally stolen our hearts. She is being treated for an eye infection and takes her with eye drops willingly. Buttercup will be a remarkable companion for a person who is looking for a great friend who’s gentle, sweet, friendly and adorable. Become the guardian who will love her forever, and make up for all the neglect and disregard she’s suffered at human hands. Visit her Tues-Sat 11-4pm.

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Meet Coco and Pebbles

Many of you know that author Ernest Hemingway was a huge cat fancier. Papa acquired his first cat from a sea captain in Key West, Florida. That kitty was six-toed (polydactyl) and from him sprang many more “double-pawed” kitties whose descendants still live at the Hemingway Estate in Key West.

Because of this famous heritage, many refer to cats with extra toes as “Hemingway cats.” Many people seek out double-pawed kitties, because once you’ve had one you get hooked on their unique look, their steady balance and their sweetness. They seem to look cuter with those big-mittened front feet!

We don’t receive many polydactyl kitties but we currently have a darling pair of “Hemingway Cats” waiting for a home.

Pebbles close upMeet Coco and Pebbles

Beautiful, gentle and sweet, this young pair of “Hemingway” kitties entertain our volunteers while living happily at our adoption center. Coco and Pebbles deserve a great home. Siblings, they enjoy and find comfort in each other’s company. They’re only about a year old and still very kitten-like. Both adore people and will be excellent members of your household. They’re bonded so they must be adopted together. If you’re looking for kitties who are well matched, these two are it.

Pebbles likes to engage you in adoring her each time you pass by. She’s irresistibly sweet with a beautiful face and friendly disposition. She waits for ear rubs and neck scratches and then she bursts into a happy purrrrrrrrr.

Cocoa is the same, but he’s more mischievous. Being a boy, he’s usually playing or looking for his next adventure.

Both are beautiful double-pawed black cats, sleek and shiny and brimming with youth and life. Come on in and meet them!

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