Welcome to our future home!

Thanks to the generosity of two longtime supporters, Safe Haven has a new home at 1420 Post Rd., right next to the Wells Library.


Rex and Judy Lambert of Bell Farm Antiques and Backyard Birds and Frills in York, have ensured Safe Haven’s No-Kill mission will continue, by purchasing this vacant daycare facility. Now they’re turning it into the future home of Safe Haven’s Adoption Center.

Check out the progress of the renovation at our Facebook page.

Now we’re asking all the rest of our supporters to step up and help us pay back their incredible generosity.

One-time or Monthly Donations

You can mail us a check made out to Safe Haven Capital Fund, PO Box 1842, Wells ME 04090. (Yes, that’s a separate PO box.) That would be terrific.

Of course, not everyone can write out a check for $1000 or $5000, as much as they might like to. But how about $5? Can you spare $5 a month? That’s less than the cost of one drive-through breakfast or a tall frappucino. Won’t you give up one lousy Egg McMuffin meal for the kitties?

Or make it $10 per month if you can. Or $25, $50, or even $100. Whatever amount works best with your budget is fine with us.

A monthly contribution, drawn directly from your credit/debit card, PayPal or checking account, is a painless way to support Safe Haven’s mission. It takes only a few seconds to set one up. Just click the button, and be sure to check the “Monthly Contribution” box. Thanks!